Hey girlfriends!

This past weekend, I attended “The Ancient Wisdom of TaiChi and Qigong” conference at Kripalu with Dr. Yang Yang, founder of the Center for Taiji & Qigong Studies.

Breath, energy and movement can help uncover our power to enhance mood, decrease stress and cultivate balance. I encourage all our patients to seek out and find a daily practice that will improve the quality of their lives. Our motto: slow down and pay attention. Check out Kripalu for other ways to de-stress and live more fully.

Dr. Yang Yang currently offers classes in NYC for breast cancer survivors, patients, and caregivers. His next retreat at Kripalu will be May 17–19, 2019: EVIDENCE-BASED TAI CHI AND QIGONG TO CULTIVATE SELF-CARE AND HEALTHY SLEEP.

Yours in health,

Dr. Nancy Elliott

Dr. Yang Yang & Dr. Nancy Elliott