Montclair Breast Center, a member of Genesis Health

A Partnership Dedicated to Saving Women’s Lives

Our mission has always been to obliterate the impact of breast cancer as a life-threatening disease through personalized surveillance, early and accurate detection, and customized treatment planning. We empower women by educating them about what expert breast care truly is. We provide this care by connecting them with our in-house team of Fellowship-trained breast radiologists, Fellowship-trained breast surgeons, and specialty nurses and radiology technicians, who utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and innovative treatment procedures.

As part of our ongoing mission to save women’s lives by promoting optimal breast health, Montclair Breast Center joined forces with Genesis Health, the clinical health division of Genesis Biotechnology Group headquartered in Hamilton, New Jersey in 2021. GBG is a privately-held, biotechnology and research company specializing in women’s health. GBG’s clinical laboratory division provides extensive test offerings for every stage of a woman’s life to safeguard her reproductive and urinary systems from infectious diseases. GBG also offers comprehensive genetic panels to test specific genes which are associated with higher susceptibility to many cancers, including breast cancer.

Women Helping Women

In Genesis Health, Montclair Breast Center found a partner who shares our passion and commitment for the advancement of women’s healthcare. We were able to expand our physician staff of Fellowship-trained radiologists and surgeons and add clinical laboratory testing and high-risk genetic testing to our menu of in-house diagnostic offerings. Since the outset of our alliance, Genesis Health has made substantial investments in our center by purchasing a new MRI unit, adding surgical technology, updating our communications and IT systems and building new administrative offices. By taking advantage of GBG’s extensive administrative platform, we have been able to procure in-network status with all major insurance providers while continuing our signature boutique-style of high-level patient care. These enhancements have augmented our patient services and patient access, and they were achieved as a direct result of our GBG merger.

Having our Montclair location as a model for excellence in breast healthcare, we are actively working to open additional breast centers within the state of New Jersey. Our goal is to make expert breast healthcare accessible to all women across the state. Additionally, we are establishing panels of MBC’s physicians and scientific researchers from GBG’s research divisions to analyze clinical data and bridge gaps between treatment development and patient well-being and outcomes.

Thank you for choosing Montclair Breast Center and being part of our growth. We appreciate you, and we are excited to have you with us during this new and exciting chapter in our history.

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