At Montclair Breast Center, we believe knowledge is power. Our medical team is ready to engage the community and talk to your organization!

We’re excited to provide a range of educational material: basic breast health information, opportunities for prevention, the importance of early detection (as the key to avoiding chemotherapy) and resources available in our local community.

Presentations can include a variety of topics, such as:


Breast Health: Prevention & Early Detection

Learn how the latest advancements in breast imaging, breast density, and personal risk assessment help breast doctors find early breast cancer and save lives.

Risk Assessment & Genetics

Advances in genetics have given women the opportunity to have a detailed conversation regarding their personal risk. Learn about eligibility for testing, BRCA mutations, and comprehensive screening panels (including new genetic variations and SNPs).

By determining a patients’ risk status, we can develop a thorough, high-risk program of prevention and early detection.

We will review approaches and strategies for risk-reduction, such as lifestyle improvements (diet and exercise), preventative medicine, increased surveillance using MRI and prophylactic surgery.

Early Detection

Our qualified team will explore the different types of screening methods and how the most common test, mammography, has changed over time. Learn about 3D mammography, breast ultrasound, blood tests and breast MRI – including the newest test on the market, Fast MRI (currently offered at only 2 sites in NJ).



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