The American Institute for Cancer Research estimates that at least 33% of U.S. breast cancer cases could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, breastfeeding and avoiding alcohol.

Montclair Breast Center believes that knowledge is power, and we strive to empower you to make decisions that reduce your lifetime risk of breast cancer. While some risk factors for breast cancer are unavoidable – your family history, ethnicity, and age when periods started and stopped – one risk factor you can change is maintaining a healthy BMI and eating well.

Healthy eating includes consuming a variety of foods that provide the nutrients needed to maintain optimal wellness. Although a healthy diet isn’t a magic bullet against cancer, research suggests that meals rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein may help prevent breast cancer and boost your immune system.

“The key is to create a healthy terrain in your body where cancer is less likely to grow.”

– Elizabeth Boham, MD