Montclair Breast Center is committed to lowering your risk of breast cancer.

Up to one-third of all breast cancer is the result of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Overweight women have twice the risk of breast cancer recurrence, and postmenopausal women with a high Body Mass Index (BMI) are at an even greater risk.

Comprehensive BMI Testing is completed through our Bone Density unit. This machine conveys more than a standard calculation – including where body fat exists, body type, and resting metabolic rate in a complete 3-page report. Resting metabolic rate, or basal metabolic rate (BMR), is the number of calories you’re burning when inactive.

Bone composition report

The results from your screening are used to help you, and your doctor, determine lifestyle improvements to both decrease BMI and increase BMR. If needed, we suggest re-taking the test every 6-12 months to gauge improvement.

Click here to access our BMI Calculator and learn more about BMI.

The highly-skilled staff at Montclair Breast Center believe in proactive healthcare – prevention & wellness – not just treatment.