You can’t have healthy breasts without a healthy body!

Achieve a healthy BMI as a way to decrease your breast cancer risk and live a healthier life. Our Health & Wellness Coach, Ellen Jaffe, specializes in helping patients improve their health through Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine focuses on what’s causing your health problems, not what medicine can mask your symptoms.

Functional medicine focuses on preventative care, while traditional medicine is grounded in early-detection and treatment. At Montclair Breast Center, we want you to think about your breasts before there is a problem. We want you to prevent breast cancer. We want you to make lifestyle changes to reduce your risk.

The Introductory 3-Week Program is a wonderful way to jump start a healthy eating lifestyle. With Ellen as your guide, learn to focus on the quality of your meals instead of counting calories, pounds, or points (which could lead to a compromised metabolism). Education, such as learning how to read labels, supports this healthy lifestyle and is a key component of the program.

Experts estimate diet is responsible for 30-40% of all cancers.


The Introductory 3-Week Program includes:

  • 1-hour consultation including assessment and comprehensive BMI analysis*
  • Two 45-minute weekly sessions
  • Supplements and shakes

Longer programs (6 weeks, 9 weeks, etc.) are available, which can be discussed during your consultation.

The fight against breast cancer begins in the kitchen!

Make an appointment with our Health & Wellness Coach to learn more about our philosophy on sensible eating, losing weight and ultimately becoming a healthier, happier YOU!

*As part of the program, Montclair Breast Center includes a comprehensive BMI analysis via our Bone Density machine. The Bone Density machine relays information on where body fat exists, body type, and resting metabolic rate (BMR) in a complete 3-page report. The results are used to help determine lifestyle improvements to both decrease BMI and increase BMR. Click here to learn more.


This service is not limited to current patients.


I am pleased to be a part of Montclair Breast Center’s Family!

Almost 6 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer requiring 4 months of chemotherapy, surgeries and daily radiation treatments. Unexpected side effects included instantaneous menopause, a “fried” metabolism, and bloat and inflammation from the steroids I was prescribed.

Although blessed to say I am a survivor, I gained 15 pounds and felt awful. My clothes no longer fit and I felt uncomfortable and frustrated. I complained to my doctors that no matter how I dieted or exercised, I couldn’t lower the numbers on the scale. I knew this was a normal complaint and I should accept the changes. I resigned myself to my new “normal.”

Prior to starting my family, I was a successful caterer focusing on healthy cooking. Following my bout with breast cancer, I was asked to be a guest speaker at a doctor’s office. I decided to utilize my culinary background and co-author a cookbook specific to breast cancer patients (and those at risk) focusing on a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory lifestyle. The day after my lecture, I was asked to consider becoming a coach and knew I had found my calling. I pursued the education, training, and certification to become a coach and wellness consultant. At the recommendation of one of my educators, I decided to participate in the program myself to help better my abilities to assist my clients.

I became a product of the product! I needed some tweaking in my own life. Because the Transitions Lifestyle allows for a customizable approach to fit my specific needs, I finally took off the weight I had gained (and then some!) totaling 18 pounds. Additionally, I lost 10 ½ inches and 6 ½% body fat.

As a breast cancer survivor, I understand how important it is to keep our body as inhospitable to cancer as possible. I incorporate my love for food as an adjunct to my coaching skills. Nourishing our body and our soul will lead to good health.

I look forward to sharing this with those of you at Montclair Breast Center.

Ellen Cawthorne