We have updated our appointment and procedure practices to help lessen the spread of COVID-19.

We are staying clean, safe and taking all precautions.

For us all to remain safe, we have instituted these changes:

    1. Pre-registration for appointments should be done at home. You will receive an email with any forms needed to fill out ahead of time.
    2. Genetic Testing consultations can be done virtually. Tests can be mailed home.
    3. To minimize contact, we will take payment information during check-in.
    4. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival of both staff and patients. If your temperature is above 99.7 you will be rescheduled.
    5. Patients will be asked pre-screening questions regarding their current health and exposure to COVID-19.
    6. All patients and staff wear facemasks inside the office. Please wear a mask or a cloth face covering.
    7. Social distancing will be observed (except in the exam room with the doctor).

We’re all in this together. Stay strong and stay safe. Please call us with any questions or to schedule your appointment at (973) 509-1818.

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