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We recently participated in a workshop with Amy Minkoff, professional speaker and transformational coach. Amy helps individuals (and groups!) discover and build their dreams so they can live a life they truly love. Specifically, she teaches her clients and audiences how to master different areas of life utilizing a "road-tested" success system she calls the Art & Science of DreamBuilding.

We prioritize taking care of ourselves, so we can better take care of you!

Amy transformed her own life after personal disappointment and a health scare… and now lives with unprecedented happiness! Amy experienced both a long divorce settlement process and surgeries for breast cancer and reconstruction. At first, it felt like a scary, dark and lonely chapter in her life, but even then, she knew "it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness." (Amy's father introduced her to this quote, by Eleanor Roosevelt, when she was just a child.) She immediately began to shine her own light on her future, which she decided would be bright. And so it is.

Amy helped our group connect with our longings and discontents, which is the number one way to discover and create a dream vision for both work and personal life. She introduced us to key steps in the Art and Science of DreamBuilding to help us expand our creativity and make our dreams welcome in our reality. As one MBC Staff member described what she learned: "You start with a seed of thought, and then you find a way to make it grow and stay positive. Finding the silver lining during times of stress, can be hard to do."

Amy inspires and empowers others to take action to live their life full of happiness and success. Her passion is teaching clients to unlock their dream and achieve success on their own terms to live a life they LOVE living!

What is a DreamBuilder Coach?

A DreamBuilder Coach helps clients discover and build their dreams so they can live a life they love living. A DreamBuilder Coach is certified by human potential expert Mary Morrissey to teach and coach utilizing the road-tested DreamBuilder methodology, codified and utilized by Mary to generate successful results with clients for three decades.

You refer to yourself as a Happy Success Catalyst. What does that mean?

As a catalyst, I am an expert in the coaching process, an established methodology for creating sustainable transformation. My clients are the experts, or highest authority on their lives. It is the synergy between my expertise and my clients' inner wisdom that ignites the fire of their dream and their capacity to welcome it into their reality. I teach something called "full spectrum living," which means that true success and true happiness are not mutually exclusive. Happy people are more productive at work, and people who are fulfilled by what they do bring that feeling of contentment into the rest of their lives.

What are the main principles for success in work?

Three critical principles of success, both in work and our personal lives, are:

  1. Mastering your thinking
  2. Noticing what you are noticing
  3. Receiving mastermind support

The #1 driver of results is our thinking. Learning to "stand guard at the portal of your mind," as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, is the number one critical success principle to master. Noticing what you're noticing is another power tool for increasing awareness and shifting results, because what "gets fired gets wired," according to Dr. Joe Dispenza. Finally, the most successful people do not achieve success in a vacuum or suffer from "Lone Ranger Syndrome." In fact, they usually have a lot of help. One of my favorite examples is Abraham Lincoln, who became a great leader by surrounding himself with a Cabinet of deliberately chosen wise people, including even his rivals. I teach people to master these skills.

How do you believe wellness fits into an overall success strategy?

Wellness contributes to an overall success strategy when you embrace it holistically. I like to describe wellness as "health and well-being," which encompasses not only physical health, but also emotional, mental and spiritual health. Each of these influences the others. The number one wellness principle I teach is extreme self-care in all these areas. If you are taking care of others at your own expense, you are not able to give your best for others. The "put your own oxygen mask on first" metaphor applies here.

How do you apply your teaching philosophies into your own life?

I have placed myself at the center of a "transformation trifecta," a reliable way to get sustainable new results. First, I have created a vision for my dream in all four major areas of my life: health and wellbeing, relationships, vocation and time/money freedom, which I read out loud, twice daily, with conviction. Second, I always have my own mentors and mastermind partners, and third, I continually place myself into a regular support structure in the form of coaching or courses that keep me in the study and application of success principles.

What is your favorite quote?

This means that the energetic frequency of a solution or dream is higher than the energetic frequency of the problem, condition or circumstance. That's why it's important to align with the frequency of your dream in order to make it welcome in your reality. We do that by increasing our awareness, or consciousness. I help clients understand their level of awareness and identify ways to increase it through the Energy Leadership Assessment and Debrief.

How do you relax?

My grandma, who lived a full life until 105, taught me to spend at least 5 minutes a day doing something I love. It can be more, but no less. I relax by reading, meditating, listening to music, walking, or taking a bubble bath. When physically possible, my walks are on the beach. Otherwise, I walk on the beach of my imagination!

What motivates you?

What motivates me is knowing I have made an immediate difference in someone's life. I get a charge out of igniting the fire of another person's dream and witnessing the results they get. Examples of client success stories include one client who realized her long-time dream of moving from the NY area to California - while being a single mom and writing another book. (The book is coming out next month!) Another client cleared through 10 years of post-divorce cobwebs to discover her true self and her vocational passion! Yet another repaired and grew his relationship with his teenage daughters.

Amy Minkoff can help you design and build a life that aligns with your personal definition of success. Visit Amy's website to learn more about her. To sign up for her next workshop on Friday, March 4th and discover more about designing the life you would love living, contact Amy at

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