Top Food Sources for Vitamin D

Recent studies reveal Vitamin D is not only important in aiding calcium absorption, but a nutritional powerhouse with wide-ranging health benefits. Try adding some of these items to your grocery list to increase your Vitamin D intake during the darker, colder months:

Salmon (3 oz)

IUs: 447

Percent Daily Value: 112

Canned Tuna (3 oz)

IUs: 154

Percent Daily Value: 39

Fortified Orange Juice (1 cup)

IUs: 137

Percent Daily Value: 34

Fortified Milk (1 cup)

IUs: 115 - 124 (depending on amount fat in milk)

Percent Daily Value: 29 - 31

Fortified Yogurt (6 oz)

IUs: 40

Percent Daily Value: 10

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